A commercialized, high-volume, natural anthocyanin nutraceutical would require large volumes of raw materials being available on the commodity market. There are multiple natural sources of anthocyanins. However, wild bilberries and blackcurrants, both holding a significant amount of C3G and D3G anthocyanins, were chosen as raw material for the Medox® production.

There was no process facility available that could manufacture a real scientific high quality, catechol structured anthocyanin product including 80 mg of pure anthocyanins in each capsule. Hence, our scientific researchers and engineers had to design and build an absolute unique, patented manufacturing plant next to our research laboratories. The first Medox® capsules were on the market in the year 2000.

The Medox-process

Raw materials applied in the Medox process come from northern Sweden (bilberries) and from New Zealand (black currants)

Anthocyanin-molecules are separated from the berries through our own patented process

During the process both rotavapors and advanced chromatography processes are used

Anthocyanins are the berries’ own immune system. The molecules are very unstable and need our patented process to remain intact

Extracting pure anthocyanins and simultaneously separating fatty acids, chlorophyll, dioxins and numerous other substances is crucial to the production of Medox

The production process includes specialized production equipment, where the anthocyanin-molecules are kept in a pure nitrogen environment on its way to being pulverized

Strict quality control is carried out by our own and other laboratories continuously during the process

Medox capsules are handled by customized equipment to make sure each capsule contains exactly 80 mg of anthocyanins

The production process runs 24h a day at our production plant in Sandnes, Norway