Norrøna Award 2015 went to the Norwegian dietary supplement Medox from Sandnes, for their goal of improving public health. This natural product has also gained international recognition by knocking out competitors in extensive scientific testing.

MedPalett AS received the prestigious Norrøna Award for their pioneering work as the developer and manufacturer of the unique dietary supplement Medox. This award is given to individuals or companies that have contributed to the growth, development and stimulation of their industry.

“This year’s winner of the Norrøna Award is an innovative company that has developed its mission and goal of improving public health. This innovative and ground-breaking company has contributed to the commercial development of its industry. They have positioned themselves locally and internationally,” said Mayor of Sandnes Stanley Wirak at the award ceremony during the 2015 Norrøna Conference.

Unique product

“Their product is truly unique. Unlike other supplements, it has been clinically and scientifically documented at universities and university hospitals in Norway, the EU, Australia, China and the United States ever since it entered the market in 2000,” explained Stanley Wirak.

Medox capsules contain extremely powerful anthocyanins from the skins of bilberries and blackcurrants. Anthocyanins are the active ingredients that produce the known benefits of bilberries.

“With Medox, MedPalett AS has produced a quality product, developed and made in Norway. The factory in Sandnes uses a high-tech patented process developed by the company’s own scientists and engineers,” said the mayor.